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All your time are belong to us September 20, 2008

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As per Wired, Bejeweled is coming to WoW.  Apparently someone got bored waiting for raid groups to coalesce and developed an addon that allowed them to play Bejeweled (er, “Besharded”) in game while waiting.


A black hole of time opening.

A black hole of time opening.

As Wired relates it, PopCap, maker of Bejeweled, noticed the app, and hired its creator to make an official version.  If the tale is true, the new time sink will appear in WoW this Thursday.


I have my doubts.  For one thing, it’s silly.  For another, WoW has always patched on Tuesday, never Thursday. For a third, no one has any word from Blizzard on the matter.


The weiner shall follow this as it develops.