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Peter Molyneaux Needs To Shut His Damn Mouth September 27, 2008

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Ridiculous Lucky Captain Rabbit King!  As per Destructoid, Fable 2 will ship without multiplayer co-op.


What happened?  This feature, which was supposed to allow players to pop in and out of each others games, was the only thing that Peter Molyneaux presented at E3.  Sure, it didn’t look great then, but to make this little “announcement” just a few weeks before the game’s release, after pre-orders are in, is reprehensible.


Yes, Lionhead states that the mode will be available as DLC “a few weeks after release”, but who knows if that’s true?  More to the point, if you were looking to buy this game with a friend and play through together, so sorry.


Yes, I’m angry.  Online co-op was a major announced feature of Fable 1, and now it’s being bolloxed in the sequel?  No. Forget this.  I’m canceling my preorder immediately.  I’ll probably play the game, but it’ll be via GameFly – this blowhard jerk with diarrhea of the mouth isn’t getting another cent of my money.  Ever.


4 Responses to “Peter Molyneaux Needs To Shut His Damn Mouth”

  1. Peter Says:

    Molyneaux now reopening mouth to say it’ll be available at lauch with a day of patch, maybe….

  2. This will not make me re-up my preorder. It is also further evidence of my contention that Pater Molyneaux needs to shut his damn mouth.

  3. […] As per Kotaku, the Fable II Collector’s Edition will no longer include the shiny box, the five Fate cards, or the figure of Hobbe. This is allegedly due to “supply chain problems” that Lionhead could never have anticipated prior to three weeks until release. My thoughts are that either not enough people pre-ordered the CE or a ton cancelled their pre-orders after last week’s ridiculousness. […]

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