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Mega Man 9 DLC is Go! October 7, 2008

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Not content to merely talk about downloadable content, Capcom this week released not one but two DLC packs this week for the well-received Mega Man 9.  The first is an endless level, which is sort of a brutal Mega Man Le Mans sort of trial.  Go and go and go until you inevitably die.  The second is playable Proto Man!  This MM upgrade gives you a slide, a charged shot, and a forcefield, but doubles damage taken and knockback distance when hit.  


The Wii folk are enjoying this already.  360 people can get it Wednesday.  Poor PS3 users have to wait until Wednesday.  But hey, at least its definite!


Squeenix Plans To Mess With Your Brain. Literally.

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Brain Games...are not...over!

Brain Games...are not...over!




Gamasutra is reporting that Square Enix will be announcing a brainwave-controlled game at the Tokyo Game Show this week.  The game will license technology from NeuroSky called the Mindset. As per NeuroSky’s website:

The brain is comprised of many, many neurons. When transmitting information, small electric pulses are made. Over the last century of neuroscience discovery,the broad and specific regional readings of these pulses have been found to represent different categories of emotion and mental states. By reading these waves, known as EEG’s, the brain’s activity can be utilized by computers and other devices – a BCI (Brain-Computer Interface).


The NeuroSky Mindset also wants Sarah Connor and will be coming to you in some sort of entertainment format via Japan.  Stay tuned.  Or don’t, while you still have free will.


Molyneaux still talking: Fable II DLC

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Despite being bound and gagged by Microsoft PR people, Peter Molyneaux has told that Lionhead would be “pretty dumb” if they weren’t planning Fable II downloadable content.  Before receiving his tranquilizer dart, Molyneaux opined that he wouldn’t “want it to be just a whole load of new weapons and armour.” When might these riches materialize?  Who knows, but The Weiner’s favorite designing head would prefer if people “didn’t have to wait months and months for it as well.” 


You know, online multiplayer isn’t weapons and armor, and people don’t want to wait for it…