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Review: Stone of Destiny for iPhone October 24, 2008

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A typical SoD puzzle screen.

A typical SoD puzzle screen.

When is the childhood game Seek and Find worth $10? When it is presented with as much care and elegance as Stone of Destiny, a recent iPhone app. Originally selling for $9.99, but now available for only $0.99, Stone of Destiny is a full featured “hidden object” game developed for iPhone by Atrur Ostapenko You are a young niece or nephew whose uncle has disappeared, leaving you a book, a world map, and a metric ton of objects to find. Each level is presented as a beautiful still photo, with objects ranging from Chinese fans to paper clips hidden in plain sight. A double touch zooms in, allowing you to easily scour dusty old libraries and ancient temples for the objects that are required. After each level there is a rune drawing mini-game, and after every few levels you are presented with a classic puzzle such as the Tower of Hanoi.


Stone of Destiny is a classic puzzler’s dream. It is gorgeous, with richly layered items hiding under every pixel. It brings back memories of puzzles you may have done in school and forgotten, and serves these old chestnuts with a delicious touch screen polish. The game is challenging, but not stressful. There is a timer, but it is very reasonable and only “punishes” a player when they really start poking the screen randomly. Ostapenko wraps this all up in a decent story and serves it warm to any player who has a few minutes to kill on a bus. As a result, iPhone users get a truly solid game app that is unlike a lot of the dross that is out there. If you have any interest in puzzles or beautiful art, check this out. If not, why do you own an iPhone anyway?


For being a fun and simple puzzler with excellent visuals, I give Stone of Destiny for the iPhone 4 Weiners out of 5.