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Beatles Rock Band Compatibility is Questionable November 3, 2008

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Curiouser and curiouser. More details keep leaking out in the wake of last week’s announcement. Today’s snippet comes from Joystiq, who reports that MTV Games won the Beatles video game licensing duel because they showed “more flexibility” than Guitar Hero publisher Activision Blizzard. By “flexibility”, they mean “willingness to not brand the game as ‘Rock Band’ or ‘Guitar Hero’. Apparently the Beatles are still worried about name recognition.


Hellgate Guy Finds New Home

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Yes, I tried Hellgate: London.  It was fun for a few days, if repetitive.  I hoped for so much more.  So did Flagship Studios, which closed its doors permanently about four months ago.  Today Cryptic studios, maker of Champions Online, announced that Flagship’s co-founder Bill Roper will be joining Cryptic as Design Director. Roper will focus on MMOs, which, given his pre-Hellgate pedigree as the former Director of Blizzard Entertaiment, seems to be an excellent fit.