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“The Guild” is Coming to a 360 Near You November 24, 2008

Congrats to Weiner and Twitter friend @feliciaday!


The folks responsible for internet sensation “The Guild” have signed a semi-exclusive deal with Microsoft’s Independent Video Channel. The show, a comedy which features the “real life” experiences of a small MMORPG guild, will air its second season exclusively on the IVC for four weeks before releasing the episodes on The Guild’s own site. The deal also includes a holiday episode shot in HD especially for the service.


God of War III Is &)(*()*

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I make being used as the gods' Cuisinart look GOOD.

I make being used as the gods

Despite the fact that David Jaffe is not involved in the making of the next game in the series he created, he apparently thinks it looks great.


Jaffe made his characteristically obscene remarks on his site (in a post where he also discusses the folks at VGExpo cancelling his Skype appearance without warning or notice). Among other descriptives, Jaffe states that GOWIII “looks like a painting come to life- it’s THAT good looking.”


Rock on. Hey devs, more footage please?