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Brutally Lost and God Damned December 5, 2008

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Following in the controller presses of Brutal Legend and God of War III, Rockstar will be showing footage from their upcoming GTAIV DLC, “Lost and Damned”. L&D is the first of two extensive DLC packs that will come exclusively to the 360 in 2009. Rockstar has confirmed that L&D will not focus on Niko Bellic, but rather another main character on the mean streets of Liberty City.

It looks like the Spike VGA’s are going to be worth watching this year, even for those of us with a uterus. That’s saying something.


A Swift Kick In The Hardware

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Some iPhone 3G users have reported not being able to receive calls from landlines.  The solution – hard reboot.  Hold down your Home key and the silver button on the top of your phone until you can turn it off.  Wait at least one minute, and then turn it back on.  There you go.