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Home Launches. Sorta. December 12, 2008

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Please note the "beta" on our fourth wall.
This is the Fourth Horseman (after the Phillies Series, Obama’s win, and Ann Coulter’s jaw being wired shut.) Sony’s “revolutionary” Home service, dashboard, MMO thing launched, but was not “released” yesterday. Basically, this means that Sony can deliver a potentially unfinished product and not cop to the lack of polish because it is technically an “open beta”. An open beta that every single PSN user can be in, without exception. That sounds like a release to us. At any rate, check it out, and see how it compares to the new XBLE.


Brutal Legend Picks Up A Publisher

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imagesTim Schafer’s hotly-anticipated project with Jack Black will be published by EA in the fall of 2009. The game was floating around unsecured after being jettisoned in the Blactivizzion purge. If Brutal Legend is any kind of hit, Blactivizzion is going to feel the burn.