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New Fallout 3 XBox Title Update – Do Not Want January 13, 2009

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Why do title updates so regularly break the games they purport to update?  I grabbed the Fallout 3 title update today (not that I had a choice) and now my screen turns purple randomly and I keep getting ported to completely different parts of the map with no notice.  Folks on GameSpot and other forums claim the purple haze is a drug effect particular to Vault 106, but that doesn’t explain the porting.


Here’s hoping a fix is on the way, soon.


2 Responses to “New Fallout 3 XBox Title Update – Do Not Want”

  1. Ed S. Says:

    That for the 360 version? I’ve finished it on PS3. At the time I was playing it, the game was plagued with a bug that would freeze the game for up to 5 seconds whenever a PSN contact would log in or out.

  2. Gwyddia Says:

    Aye, the 360 version.

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