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A Very WoW Anniversary January 22, 2009

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A year ago today I married the Weiner Daddy, thus making our pets legitimate in the eyes of Ceiling Cat.  A few days before that, however, we had a wedding of a different sort – in-game.  


Before you begin guffawing, allow me to explain.  We were living very far away from the vast majority of our friends and family, and had no money or inclination to design a major Event that would leave the “blushing bride” feeling stabby and the poor groom feeling overwhelmed.  Thus we decided to have a small civil ceremony out West, before we moved back East, and to have a big party afterward.  We did want to celebrate some small ceremony with our friends, though, and this is what we did:



It worked out pretty well, even if it did take me five solo runs in Gnomeregan to farm up the Acidic Walkers to match the rest of my bridal outfit.  And instead of rings, we exchanged daggers with Life-Stealing on them (a special surprise cooked up by our friends Simbelmyne, Gimmelots and Balton).  


Thanks to the interwebs, folks can enjoy it or not forever.  Thanks again Araan for being our videographer.  Here’s to many more happy years to come, starting next week when we’ll be taking our long-delayed honeymoon at Disney World.