Playing With My Weiner

Gaming at the mercy of miniature daschunds.

About September 2, 2008

Playing With My Weiner is:

Gwyddia (or Mommy to the weens) is a gamer and young professional living in Philadelphia, PA;

Sawyer (“the smart one”) is a 1.5 year old black and tan miniature dachshund who enjoys sleeping, belly rubs, and compressed rawhide bones; and

Indy (“the cute one”) is 1 year old reddish-brown mini who enjoys cat snacks, bellyrubs, and jumping on Mommy’s game controllers.  

The weiner crew is also joined by Daddy Peter, and cats Kaylee and Rofl, the Earl of Roflcopter.  Kaylee likes to lay on keyboards and Rofl hops up in front of the HDTV and tries to catch your toons.

Come, everyone.  Play with my weiner.


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