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WeinerCast Wednesday! GVGA Edition December 31, 2008

The Weinercast is go! This week: Gwyddia Hosts The 2008 Gnome Video Game Awards.

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Weinercast Wednesday! December 24, 2008

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The Weinercast is go! This week: Walkin’ In A Weiner Wonderland.

As always, the Weinercast is available on Gwyddia - Weinercast

Please leave us a review or a comment/question, and we’ll address it on air next week!

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Weekend Woundup December 15, 2008

Lots of news that I’m not sure that I classify as news over the last couple days. More like a bunch of shinies. Well, I like shinies, so here goes.

– GTA Chinatown Wars will be for DS released on St. Patrick’s Day. Get your drink on IRL and in-game.

GTAIV Lost and Damned screens look smoother than original GTAIV.

– Brutal Legend trailer:

– God of War trailer, now with 4x texture resolution!

– i ❤ Katamari his the iPhone. Praise Ceiling Cat.


Brutally Lost and God Damned December 5, 2008

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Following in the controller presses of Brutal Legend and God of War III, Rockstar will be showing footage from their upcoming GTAIV DLC, “Lost and Damned”. L&D is the first of two extensive DLC packs that will come exclusively to the 360 in 2009. Rockstar has confirmed that L&D will not focus on Niko Bellic, but rather another main character on the mean streets of Liberty City.

It looks like the Spike VGA’s are going to be worth watching this year, even for those of us with a uterus. That’s saying something.


GTAIV For PC – Now With SecuROM! December 2, 2008

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From my piece on

Despite the truly epic amount of litigation fomenting around DRM and SecuROM in particular, Rockstar has decided to use the product on the PC release of Grand Theft Auto IV this week, stating that SecuROM is “the most effective form of disc based copy protection[.]”


It is important to note that while SecuROM makes a product that many people dislike, the use of a SecuROM product by a company does not necessarily mean the advent of the sort of draconian measures found in Spore. GTAIV’s flavor, for example, will require anyone who does not purchase the game via Steam to have the disc in the drive while playing, and will require a one-time authentication on install. There are unlimited installs of the game after the initial authentication, and those do NOT require re-authentication.


That being said, like Spore, uninstalling GTAIV will still leave some remnants of SecuROM behind. As per Rockstar:

In regards to SecuROM, deleting GTA IV will remove the active functions if it is the only application that requires SecuROM, but some traces will remain, such as a registry entry and file, which allows you to reinstall without re-entering your authentication code. We are working with SecuROM to post information on our support pages regarding how to remove these inactive traces of the program for users who wish to do so.

At least they’re working on it, but why does the program do that in the first place? And isn’t that potentially malicious lingering part of what is calling SecuROM to legal question in the first place?


GTA DLC Coming in November September 5, 2008

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That didn’t take long.

As per Eurogamer and a source inside Rockstar, the GTAIV DLC for XBox 360 is on track for a late November release. According to these sources, Microsoft has paid for two “episodes” of approximately 10 hours each, as well as a slew of new unlockables and achievements.


GTA Pwns the Universe September 4, 2008

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Three pieces of Grand Theft Auto news today.

First, GTAIV has, to absolutely no one’s surprise, sold 10 million copies to date. That’s right folks – the combined populations of New York, Philadelphia, and Las Vegas could all potentially have played through hundreds of ways to jack your car or possibly save your life. With Take Two vowing to continue full promotion of GTAIV through the holiday season, expect those unit numbers, and the $433 million-plus dollars in revenue attached to them, to keep climbing higher.

Second, with that news in the can, it should come as no surprise to anyone that Take Two Interactive saw its third-quarter sales way up, boosted by *OMGRLY* GTAIV. Take Two’s net income for the quarter was over a cool $50 million, a heck of a lot better than the negative $50+ million they had this time last year.

Third, and why you care. A few sweet little nothings whispered by Take Two into the waiting ears of sandboxers everywhere: GTA Chinatown Wars out in Q4 2008.

Never! A game unveiled at E3 coming out in the same year as its debut showing? The devil you say. Apparently this is what they’ve been working on instead of the XBox 360 exclusive DLC Microsoft shelled out $50 million to acquire in 2007. I, for one, look forward to welcoming my new teeny stylus-controlled masters, er, pimps.


OMG GTA does something GOOD! September 3, 2008

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Check out my article on the 11-year old whose mother credits her daughter’s playing GTAIV with saving the family’s life.