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Apple iGame now available September 9, 2008

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Look out world, Apple has declared the iPod Touch to be a gaming machine. Monkeyball fanatics rejoice! Declaring it “The Funnest iPod Ever” (ugh), Apple rolled out a thinner, sleeker iPod touch with an advanced accelerometer (read: baby Wiimote), 3D graphics, and an onboard speaker. With hundreds of games available wireless via the App Store, and Firmware 2.1 promising to fix the 3G bugs, the new iPod Touch seems ready to take the world by storm, but will it? And will the new violently bright iPod Nanos (also with accelerometer) follow suit? I’ll discuss that and more in tomorrow’s WeinerCast.

They move in herds.

They move in herds.

She blinded me with violence.

She blinded me with violence.


Will Wright makes Macs cry September 8, 2008

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Spore is here, and the DVD-ROM gives native love to both Mac and PC. Those of you who bought your MacBooks about 18 months ago should be fine, right?


Well, wrong if you have a plain old MacBook. MacBookPro computers never had the embedded GMA 950 graphics card, which is what Spore really hates. In fact, the System Requirements specifically say NOT YOURS to pre-2007 MacBook users.

Fortunately, the problem is not with the hardware, but rather the OS X drivers for the GMA 950. That means Spore should run just fine in Windows under Boot Camp.

Look for the Weiner review of Spore later this week.