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Less Rage, Still Too Much Wrap January 20, 2009

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A couple months ago I posted about Amazon’s war on “wrap rage” – their efforts to reduce annoying and unnecessary packing in its products. Today I received a package from Amazon that indicates they still have a long way to go.

The first box, accompanied by requisite cat.

The first box, accompanied by requisite cat.

Within that box, a significantly smaller box.

Within that box, a significantly smaller box.

Oh look, another box!

Oh look, another box!

And in the third box, a bag!

And in the third box, a bag!

All of that for two little earrings.

All of that for two little earrings.


Give Toys To Sick Kids, Scrooge December 4, 2008

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Check out the shiny new Amazon wishlist button on the right side of the page. It links directly to the Child’s Play Charity wishlist for Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

‘Tis the season – give early, give often.

And while you’re at it, buy a shirt.


Amazon Shipping Inconsistencies Continue November 16, 2008

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You’d think they’d learn. As we discussed recently around the Fallout 3 release, Amazon has recently started offering Release Date Shipping for some hot items. With one notable exception that we’ll get to in a moment, however, that special shipping does not apply to things you may have pre-ordered months ago. The upshot is that people who pre-order things two days before release are getting it on Day One, and you’re stuck holding no box, because it won’t arrive for two days.


The notable exception is World of Warcraft:Wrath of the Lich King. Amazon realized that they had about seventy gajillion pre-orders for this one and automatically upgraded everyone who pre-ordered the game or its Collector’s Edition to Release Date Shipping. Even though I had a regular copy on November 12 from another source, I can say that my CE did arrive on Thursday afternoon as promised.


I can’t say the same for Mirror’s Edge, which, despite being pre-ordered about five seconds after PAX, did not arrive until Thursday. (Note: it is a miracle we’ve had time to look at this one with Lich King out, but check out the Weiner review of Mirror’s Edge tomorrow.)


But wait, there’s more! Our pre-order of the Pixar Blu-Ray of WALL-E arrived about an hour ago. Yes, on Sunday. Two days before its November 18 release date.


What the heck is going on over there? It’s a big company, sure, but a little consistency goes a long way, especially as the holidays approach. Here’s hoping that Amazon gets this all ironed out well in advance of the new year.


Amazon Takes on “Wrap Rage” November 4, 2008

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We interrupt your election results to bring you this breaking news from online retailer


Do you hate buying a new shiny something and not be able to open it because the packaging seems like it was designed by sadist monkeys?  Me too.  Don’t worry, Amazon is on the way.


Amazon has a large splash letter on their front page tonight touting their multi-year war on bad packaging, titled Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging.  They are working with major manufacturers to reduce extraneous packaging, use more recyclable materials in packaging, and make products easier to open in general.  As of today there are 19 products from Fisher-Price, Mattel, Microsoft and Transcend in Frustration-Free packaging, with more promised to be on the way soon.


I won’t be impressed until they get those evil dog bone things off my games and DVDs, but kudos to Amazon for taking some steps in the right direction.