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Happy Birthday, Gwyddia! January 30, 2009

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Happy 29th, [Prime Gnome]!  May you ever roam free and stabbity.  Enjoy Pooh and your Segway Adventure in Mouseland.  Your weens miss you.


It Was Nearly Two Years Ago Today . . . November 18, 2008

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That the Weiner Daddy and I slept outside on the sidewalk outside a Las Vegas Target for a Wii. Two years later, you still can’t get one easily, and that’s a damn shame to all of us who have enjoyed the five or six fine games for it.

This is also the PS3’s 2nd birthday. We didn’t stand out for that one, though – we just capitulated when Sony threatened to take away our Emotion Engine and make our PS2 library obsolete. It’s a damn fine Blu-Ray player, that system.

Not to be left out, the XBox 360 celebrates its third birthday next week.

Happy Birthday, hardware!


Happy Birthday, Petrov! October 2, 2008

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Happy Cake Day to my husband, the Weiner Daddy!  Many thanks for your understanding and long suffering through so many games.  I know it’s a real hardship.  We love you!