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Fallout 3 Amazon Fallout October 28, 2008

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Did you pre-order the Amazon exclusive Fallout 3 Survival Edition? I did, back in September. Did you receive it today, on release day? I didn’t, and neither did hundreds of other people.


According to the Fallout 3 user forums, Amazon vastly underestimated the amount of Survival Edition’s they’d need, and took too many pre-orders. As a result, some people had their orders cancelled today, along with a $20 “don’t hate us!” gift certificate from Amazon. Who had their orders cancelled? Not the late-orderers; folks who pre-ordered the Survival Edition as late as last week received the game today, while some of the earliest pre-orderers were left in the lurch.


But wait, there’s more. Of those who were lucky enough to actually *get* the Survival Edition, most did not receive it today, on the day of release. People who pre-ordered in the last two weeks were given Amazon’s new option of “guaranteed day of release”, but everyone who ordered the game before that and paid extra for one-day shipping (that would be me) will not receive their order until tomorrow at the earliest.


Way to go, Amazon. I will think long and hard before I take you up on one of your “Special Offers” again.