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What To Get The Person Who Plays Everything December 9, 2008

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There are only two shopping weeks left in this year’s official Hallowgivingchristyear’s gift-giving corridor, and like any good video game corridor, this one is full of pitfalls. Maybe not spiked abysses or bottomless holes, but ugly-ass sweaters and NeoPets can seem just as painful. As a service to you, the Weiner fans, here is a list of our Top 5 gift lists from the Geekosphere. As a bonus, we’re including a few tips to make it blatantly obvious to your gift-buyer that they need to check these lists out before buying you something inane.


5. Joystiq’s Holidaze 2008 – Joystiq’s guide is simple and to the point. Not a lot of frills here, but you can check around the side for details but checking for any links tagged “Holidaze 2008”.

Weiner Tip: This is an easy one. Joystiq is part of a media network that includes sites like Backporch, Totally Unofficial Apple Rumors, and WoW Insider. Just find the one that interests your giftgiver and bookmark away!

4. Amazon’s Gifts and Wish Lists Section – This one rocks because Amazon has everything. Seriously, raise your hand with me if you remember when Amazon just sold books.

Weiner Tip: If you make a wishlist on you can ask for it to be send to your friends and family with an Amazon-written in-no-way-begging note.

3. The ThinkGeek Gift Guide – Not entirely game-related, this one is great for all stripes of nerds in your life, from caffeine junkies to do-it-your-selfers.

Weiner Tip: Have your husband “check out a link to this awesome X I saw” on their front page. The Gift Guide is a really obvious tab off the homepage.

2. The Holiday Gift Guide – standard gamer holiday fare, but with an incredibly useful “games to avoid” section.
Weiner Tip: Let your buddy know about this list by sending him over to to read a review that just *happens* to have a link to the Guide.


1. Kotaku’s 2008 Gift Guide of Obscene Nicety and Sublime Naughtiness – This one wins for sheer volume. Almost a wall of text with everything from plush chocobos to fanboy pr0n, if you can’t find something you like here, you’re doin’ it rong.
Weiner Tip: Just share the link – this list is almost as much fun to read as it is to shop.


Weinercast Wednesday October 29, 2008

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