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A friendly contributor September 13, 2008

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Say hello to Leo.

Say hello to Leo.

Welcome and hello to Leo, proprietor of MG looks at “how life imitates gaming, and vice-versa.”


He’s got a couple interesting pieces up there now. The first, The Three Blogging Hats, discusses a concept from ‘The Plentitude’ by Rich Gold. Gold and Leo look at how types of artists (bloggers, in this case) can be sorted by the “hats” they wear. Interesting stuff. I’d like to think of myself as a “baseball cap” blogger heading toward my beret.


The second insight Leo brings us is The 5 Stages of Gaming Abstraction. This is another ‘Plentitude’-inspired piece. Here Leo discusses how games and gaming experiences become more and less abstract over time as people approach them in different ways. Rich Gold uses baseball playing vs. observing vs. fantasy baseball as his example. Leo brings it a little closer to home. Check it out.